Save Me

    lời bài hát :

    See the light inside your eyes 
    You make me feel like 
    I’m awake 

    Don’t know why 
    You make me shine 
    Like a Star in the sky 
    I’m Ok 

    Wanna take a breath 
    I’m falling in love 
    I’m falling in love…! 

    Wanna hold your hand 
    Don’t leave me alone 
    Don’t leave me alone…! 

    You get me high 
    Oh yeah…! 
    Be by my side 
    Baby yeah…! 
    Only you can save me 
    Only you can save me…! 

      Hold your tight 
      You blow my mind 
      Like a bottle of wine 
      I’m insane 

      Come alive 
      You drive my wild 
      When I kiss you at night 
      I’m Ok…! 

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