MagZilla v1.5.6 – For Newspapers, Magazines and Blogs – Magzilla là một WordPress phù hợp, linh hoạt và hiện đại phù hợp với Báo, Tạp chí hoặc Blog. Nó được tạo ra để giới thiệu nội dung của bạn trong một không gian sạch, tối thiểu và thời trang. Với Magzilla bạn có thể chọn từ các màu không giới hạn, các mẫu trang không giới hạn và nhiều tùy chọn khác.


MagZilla v1.5.6 - For Newspapers, Magazines and Blogs

MagZilla v1.5.6 – For Newspapers, Magazines and Blogs


Of course, the best WordPress theme for blogs, magazines and the like requires plenty of features to be available so that you can really use your imagination. What follows are the most noted of the features so that you can create what you want in a very short amount of time.

Powerful Admin Panel: Here you can customize without using any line of code which means that anyone can add what they want without having to memorize code. You can now update your logo, change the color of the background and pretty much anything else in seconds.

Fully Responsive Design: Arguably the best part when you create a WordPress theme is that visitors to your site will have the best experience possible without having to worry about which browser or device they are using.

22 Custom Widgets: There are many different customizable widgets you can incorporate into your website and make it as interesting and delightful as possible.

  1. Facebook Likes
  2. Twitter feeds
  3. Youtube Profile
  4. Social Counter
  5. Social Profile Icons
  6. Soundcloud, Show playlist or single track
  7. Latest Posts
  8. Latest Reviews
  9. Tabs ( Comment, popular posts, latest reviews )
  10. Latest Videos
  11. Latest Galleries
  12. Video from youtube, vimeo, dailymotion
  13. Advertise Code Banner
  14. Image banner 300×300 or 300×250
  15. Image banner 180×150
  16. Image banner 336×280
  17. FeedBurner
  18. Latest Comments
  19. Flickr photos
  20. Instagram photos
  21. Google profile
  22. Authors

Touch Friendly Galleries: The gallery and carousel are fully supported for mobile devices so that you can scroll through images all with your fingertips.

Ads Ready: Here, MadZilla has been designed to show advertisements in many different ways from the header to the sidebar and different posts.

Header Options: Another great feature is that you can choose from different styles of headers and personalize them to fit what your website needs. No longer will you have to make adjustments since your headers will be what you want them to be.

Improves Menu Options: Here, you can arrange and customize the site navigation thanks to the Mega Drop Down Menus that include post and links. Now visitors can go where they want quickly and easily which improves your brand.

Footer Options: You can display your footer choosing different layout options, color schemes and the number of columns as well.

Social Sharing: Are you ready to reach out to the world? Thanks to this new WordPress theme you can allow the user to share your content in all the famous social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.

Front-End Login & Sign Up: You can allow readers and collaborators to register or log-in at any place on your site for maximum efficiency. This will not only save you a lot of screen property, but it will also look great and quite functional as well.

Unlimited Sidebars: This MagZilla feature will allow you to create as many sidebars as you desire. Plus, you can assign them to any page or post that you want also.

SEO Optimized: For an online business to succeed with search engine optimization, it must be present right from the start. Thanks to MagZilla, it is designed to be quite appealing to search engines and help achieve the best ranking possible.

Typography Options: Here, you can take full control over the typography and change the font aspect to meet the size, family, weight and color that you desire. You will have full control while being simple to use and operate.

Google & System Fonts: With over 600 fonts from the Google library along with the default system fonts, you can choose what you want and use it where you want on your site.

Font Icons: Here, you have over 300 unique, vector and scalable icons that comes with popular ones such as Awesome Fonts. The scalable vector graphics means that your fonts will look fantastic no matter their size.

Unlimited Color: You can choose from a multitude of colors so that you can find the right one that works best for your needs. Also, if you tire of them you can change the colors whenever you want to freshen up your site.

Custom Styles: If you decide you want some more customization to your site, just add your own CSS from the administration panel.

Post Formats: You can find support for the WordPress Custom Post Formats that is built into the theme and includes many different options and styles for your content.

Static Pages: You will have unlimited static page layout options with or without the sidebar. You can also use the full screen Visual Composer as well.

Archive Layouts: Here, there are many different layouts that you can select from to get the right look for your website.

Category Layouts: With so many options to choose, you can find your unique style and add it to the website categories so that you will have an unlimited number of interesting layouts for your needs.

Translation Ready: You can translate your website into any language using WPML plugin or even use .po and .mo files as well. Everything you need to start up a Multilanguage site is right here and waiting for you.

Well Documented: A complete documentation that is constantly updated will make your life much easier when you are trying to customize your website. Now you?ll have what you need when you need it.

Clean & Valid Code: In order for your website to work it must have clean code. This supports web standards that meet W3C and WordPress guidelines.

Demo XML:Here, dummy data will be included in the package so that you?ll have a demo to start with which makes it even easier to get started.

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