Examiner v1.47 – Magazine Theme – Thời gian dành cho những người tiền nhiệm của Examiner đã giúp chúng tôi tạo ra một tạp chí hay nhất cho đến thời điểm này. Tất cả mọi thứ người dùng của chúng tôi yêu thích về chủ đề tạp chí / tin tức của chúng tôi trong vài năm qua đã được thực hiện liên tục trong Examiner. Bạn có thể xuất bản bài viết, bài đánh giá, viết bài trên blog và dễ dàng hơn bao giờ hết. Người kiểm tra là chủ đề hoàn hảo cho các nhà xuất bản, blogger và những người có niềm đam mê đối với các chủ đề cụ thể và muốn chia sẻ suy nghĩ của họ với thế giới. Chúng tôi cũng cung cấp hỗ trợ thân thiện, và chúng tôi rất quan tâm đến việc lắng nghe nhu cầu người dùng của chúng tôi và thực hiện những ý tưởng tốt trong các bản cập nhật trong tương lai.

Examiner v1.47 - Magazine Theme





Examiner 1.5.1

- Fixed a bug that caused an 'overuse' of h2 tags in the super menu
- Fixed a bug in widget_presets.php file that caused conflict with some plugins such as MailPoet and Ultimate Member.



Examiner 1.5

- Fixed a bug that caused the 'Carousel widget' command to 'show/hide' the author to not respond.
- Fixed an issue that limited the user to only 5 'alternative homepages'. Now there is no limit.
- Fixed a bug that caused a problem to the social medis links on the Author page.
- Fixed a bug that prevented the users to scroll down when viewing the category page on mobile devices.
- Fixed a minor bug in the search form and search page.

- Added the option to select whether you want the site to load progressively, or display after loading is complete. 



Examiner 1.48
- Improved the responsivness of the theme on mobile devices.
- The ads, and other 1/4 widget will not appear at the bottom of the homepage anymore when viewed on mobbile device.
- The 'loading icon' has been removed from the theme.

- LinkedIn has been added to the social media optins.



Examiner 1.47
- Fixed a bug where the Tv Ajax widget excerpt was displaying code in some cases.
- Fixed a bug that prevented the popular posts on the category page to be accessed when on a mobile device.
- Fixed a bug that created a gap when the Ticker was placed above the Super Slider.
- Fixed a bug on the Trending Posts widget that caused it to display posts older than intended.



Examiner 1.45
- Minor bug fixes regarding the WooCommerce site wide notice.
- Fixed the problem the theme had with the tagline in WordPress version 4.4.
- Fixed a small problem with the social media sharing buttons on the post page.



Examiner 1.4
- Fixed a problem that caused the menu not to expand, when there are more than 6 items in the sub-menu.

- A new simpler header variation has been added.
- Added an option to select trending(popular) articles on the ticker widget.
- Loading icon has been added for when the site is loading.
- Auto load more option has been added to the widgets that can display the 'Load More' button.
- The theme now recognizes if you use SEO plugins and automatically disables the internal SEO, facebook tags, etc..
- The footer links hover color can now be changed independently in the Colors section.



Examiner 1.35
- Fixed the problem with the last floating widget overlapping with the Ad space above the footer.
- Fixed the 'Newsroll widget' bug that caused it to appear broken in some cases.
- Fixed a category page bug that caused the page to appear wider when viewed on some tablet devices.
- Fixed a bug that caused the ads not to appear on the category page sometimes.
- Fixed minor issues to slightly improve the load speed.

- The mobile menu now also can display the subcategories
- When viewed on a tablet, the menu can be scrolled left/right if there are many items.



Examiner 1.3
- Added an option to disable the floating(last) widget in the sidebar.
- Added an option that allows to change the widget titles font to bold.
- Added an option that lets you insert ads at the bottom of the post page.
- Added the option to display the lates comments in the most commented widget.
- Fixed the problem with the Ad space when used with the Full-Width featured image.
- Fixed a validation issue in the comments section.



Examiner 1.2.5
- Fixed a bug that caused problem on the load more option on the 'Huge featured images' and 'Big featured images' Widgets.
- Ad spaces bug that caused them to display the code, instead of the ad has been fixed.
- Validation of feedback form added.
- Small changes made to the Italic version of widget titles.




- Fixed a bug that messed up the layout on the 'Trending Posts' widget when viewed from a mobile device.
- Fixed the bug in the comments form that duplicated the 'name' field.
- When sharing posts on Twitter a new small pop-up window appears and grabs the title too.
- Fixed a bug with the Tv-Ajax-Widget, that caused layout problems.

- Added the option to display the views count on the post page.
- Added 2 new places for ads, between the header and the body, and between the body and the footer.
- Added a new titles variation for widgets.



- Fixed a bug on the category page that added extra width to the page
- Fixed related posts bug on the post page.

- Additional translation fields in the translation panel relating to the review system.
- Added the option to hide/show the floating social media buttons on the post page.
- Added the options to hide/show the author and date section under the featured image on the post page.



Examiner 1.1
- A new widget has been added. The Blogroll 3 widget is another way to display your posts in a bolg style layout.
- Added RTL support. The theme can now be used with RTL languages.
- Added pagination as an alternative to the 'Load More' option.
- The 'Load More' option has been added to the 'Big' and 'Huge Featired Images' widgets.
- Added the search option and menu icon to the mobile responsive layout.

- A bug that did not allow the other videos to be played except for the first one in TV-Ajax video widget has been fixed.
- Added reponsivness to the videos embedded in the post.
- Fixed the Slider widget to dorrectly display selected slides.



Examiner 1.05

- Ad Widget bug that caused it not to function properly with Google AdSense is fixed.
- Social widget bug malfunction when inserting YouTube link is fixed.
- Fixed a bug when users did not select a widget load effect, the header posts were invisible.
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